“WorldSkills-2021” in the specialty “General Medicine”

03/17/2021 teachers of the CMC of special disciplines Serik S.N., Kulakhmet R.B. held an intracollege championship “WorldSkills-2021” among students of 408, 409, 417 groups in the specialty “General Medicine”, qualification “Paramedic”.

..chairman of the expert commission: director of the college Sarybekova Zh.N.

 Members of the expert commission:

1. Head of the ambulance department, expert doctor – Abitaev BA

2. №1 Senior paramedic of PS “Barys” – Sabyrbekova R.Т.

 3.paramedic of the ambulance station, chairman of the trade union committee – Abisheva A.Kh.

Winners of the competition: 1. Zharylkasyn OK, student of group 408 – 1st degree diploma.

2. Dairan B.Zh., student of group 417 – Diploma of the II degree.

3.Nuridin N.B., student of group 409 – Diploma of the III degree.