The best mentor-2020

Regional absentia contest” the Best mentor – 2020″ In accordance with the annual work plan of the Technical and Professional Education Development Center of the Education Department of Zhambyl region Akimat, together with social partnerships and colleges, the regional absentia contest “Best Mentor-2020″was organized. The competition was attended by Kydyrali Gulshat, a student of the 306 group, studying for a dual system of teaching in the specialty “Nursing” MSE on REM “Zhambyl higher medical College” Health Department of the Zhambyl region Akimat and Sadykova Gulbanu Amirkulova – Deputy chief physician for quality control of medical services MSE on REM  “Zhambyl regional children’s multidisciplinary hospital of the Health Department of  Zhambyl region Akimat.” According to the results of the competition, Mentor Sadykova Gulbanu Amirkulovna received the nomination for ” higher professional skills and mentoring”, a letter of thanks”Best Mentor – 2020″, student of group 306 Kydyrali Gulshat – “Best Mentor-2020”.