School of  Young Specialists

11.04.2019. School of  Young Specialists

The theme of the seminar: “Best Practice “

  1. “The use of interactive teaching methods – the basis of quality education.” . Responsible: Bataeva L.K. methodist
  2. “The Effectiveness of Critical Thinking Technology in History.” Panoramic lesson.                                                             Responsibility: Imanalieva G.Zh. teacher of history
  3. «Effective methods of teaching of pharmaceutical disciplines» Panoramic lesson.                                            Responsible: Serkebaeva A.K.  teacher of pharmaceutical disciplines
  4. “Interactive + teaching methods in the teaching of history.” . Responsible: Dzhantoxova G.N. teacher of history

The seminar was conducted by the methodologist of the College L.K. Bataeva, the trainings were conducted by psychologist A.N.Uskenbayeva. The seminar was held at a very good level.