Open Day

On January 16, 2020 in the State Communal Enterprise on the Right of Economic Management “Zhambyl Higher Medical College” held an Open Day on the theme: “Free technical and professional education for all.” This event was attended by students and class heads of the Center for Technical Creativity, Secondary Schools  № 33,  № 31,  № 44,  № 2,  № 5,  № 4.

The main purpose of  the Open Day  is to guide students, to provide an opportunity to choose their profession independently, to try their forces in various directions and specialties, to plan future steps and to form a great responsibility to society. To familiarize students with specialties and research work, as well as directions of  at SCE on the REM  Zhambyl Higher Medical College.

The students were informed about the history of the college, achievements, specialties, and that in the new academic year the specialty “Medical Laboratory Technician” was opened in the specialty “Nursing” in the qualification “Applied Bachelor” and “Laboratory Diagnostics.” A video about the college was shown. Our guests were acquainted with the rooms: “Training and simulation center,” Health promotion, “Adoption of practical skills. Ambulance, “Pharmacognosia Laboratory,” Training Pharmacy. Phytobar “, ” obstetrics and gynecology” (sort. the hall), “Palliative care and leaving for patients with an oncological profile”, “A nursing care in therapy”, “Fundamentals of nurse business”, “Nurse business in pediatrics” and also computer offices.

Students learned how interesting and responsible the work of medical specialists is. At the end of the event, brochures on college specialties were distributed to students.

Total number of participants: 220 students.

Responsible: Artykova L. A.