News of college

Open Day

On May 16, 2016, an Open Day in honor of the International Family Day was organized at Zhambyl Medical College on May 15. The reception on the Open Day was attended by the Director of the College Zh.N. Sarybekova, Head of Educational Work L.K.Meyrmanova, Head of Crime Prevention Usenov R.B., psychologist A.N. Oskenova, lawyer of the College T.N. Nyshanbekov. They listened to the students, their proposals, complaints, talked about the problems that concern them.





«Onege otbasynan bastalady»

15.05.2019. In library of the Zhambyl medical college there took place the action on a subject: ”  Onega оtbasynan bastalady”, devoted to the International day of family. At this event, students were shown video videos promoting the values of the family. All participants told proverbs and saying about the family. Present: N. Begaliyeva, M. Eraliyeva, K. Malikazdarov and students of 102 group.



«Otbasy – ayaly alakan mekeni»

15.05.2019 At 11.00 am in the center of “Ruhani Damytu” Zhambyl Medical College, the educational department of the College organized a meeting with teachers of College Firsenko  Elena Lazerevna, Shuzheyeva Zhanar Lepesovna, Tlegen Beisekul Sapievna, dedicated to May 15 – International Family Day. The aim is to promote family values by explaining the special place of parents in the upbringing of a child.