International connections

Two-sided agreements were signed by the Educational Institution “Budgetary Professional Educational Institution of the Omsk Region” Medical College “of the Ministry of Health of the Omsk Region (BPOU OO” MK “), represented by the director Borovskiy Igor Vladimirovich, acting on the basis of the Charter.

6-28.03.2018 Online Open Doors Day was held at the MSE on the  REM “Zhambyl Higher Medical College”

28.03.2018 The head of the educational-methodical office Zh.B. Imanbekova, the head of the simulation center FD Turmysova, the methodologist of the college L.K.Bataeva held a republican seminar at the international level on the topic: “Simulation technologies in the training of health workers” in the conference hall. The seminar was attended by representatives of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States. Teachers of the Omsk Medical College and 26 medical colleges of our Republic applied for participation. In the seminar, 17 teachers presented their articles. Colleges of Omsk, Bishkek, Turkestan, South Kazakhstan Academy, Ekibastuz, Atyrau, Shymkent, Temirtau, Almaty, Karaganda, Semey, Astana and others got the opportunity to participate online live.

27.03.2018 At the clinical stations of the simulation center of the college online teachers of the cyclic methodological commission of special disciplines No. 3, the cyclic methodological commission of general professional disciplines No. 2 conducted master classes for 12 state colleges of the republic. At clinical station No. 5 Erzhanov T. held a master class (in Russian language) on the topic: “Emergency emergency care provided in case of sudden cardiac arrest. Basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation ”.

At the clinical station No. 3 Eskebekova Z.S., Mukazhanova R.Zh. showed “Provision of medical care in anaphylactic shock”, at clinical station No. 9 Kudebaeva E. – “Stopping arterial bleeding”, at clinical station No. 8 Parmanova A. – “Carrying out primary treatment of wounds and applying a bandage”, at clinical station No. 6 E .Kudebaeva, Toқtasheva J. – “Technique of parenteral injection.” The master classes were held at a high level.


26.03.2018 Director of the College Sarybekova Zh.N. congratulated on the opening of the Open House Day. In accordance with the plan of the 3-day Open Day, the teacher of the cyclic methodological commission of special disciplines No. 2 ML Eraliev conducted an open lesson on the discipline “Surgery”. Lesson topic: “Bleeding, bleeding complication.” The open lesson was attended by 11 state colleges of the Republic.




International scientific-practical conference “Strengthening the health of the population as a factor of sustainable socio-economic development of the country” Zhambyl Higher Medical College

In Zhambyl Medical College, in order to develop international cooperation in the field of technical and vocational education, organize and conduct an international scientific and practical conference and intensify research activities of young scientists (college students), an International Scientific and Practical Conference was held as part of the implementation of the State Healthcare Development Programs “Strengthening the health of the population is a factor of sustainable socio-economic development of the country” on-line for students of medical colleges of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States

In the draft State Program for the Development of Healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan “Densaulyk” for 2016-2019, priority areas of research and innovation activities related to the search for effective methods of preventing and eliminating the consequences of major diseases and harmful environmental factors, preventing premature death and losses from the most common diseases, the development of scientific and innovative biomedicine.

The conference touched upon various issues and areas:

  1. Raising the level of education of the population in matters of management and formation

healthy lifestyle.

  1. Formation of new behavioral attitudes that reduce the prevalence of risk factors.
  2. Evidence-based medicine as the basis for ensuring the rational use of medicines.
  3. An integrated approach to disease prevention and management.

The conference was attended by medical colleges of the CIS countries: from the Russian Federation (Omsk), the Republic of Kyrgyzstan (Bishkek), Azerbaijan (Baku), as well as 10 medical colleges of the Republic of Kazakhstan:

  1. Republican Higher Medical College
  2. Kostanay Medical College
  3. Pavlodar Higher Medical College
  4. Shymkent Medical College
  5. Kyzylorda Higher Medical College
  6. Kokshetau Higher Medical College
  7. Turkestan Medical College
  8. West Kazakhstan Higher Medical College
  9. Ekibastuz Medical College
  10. Zhambyl Medical College

The conference program included 24 reports.

The expert commission assessed the presented projects and reports at a high level.

The conference thus demonstrated the declared international status and contributed to the strengthening of interstate scientific ties.

Based on the submitted scientific projects, reports, proposals of the conference participants, a resolution was adopted:

1.Participation in the conference of medical colleges of the CIS and RK allows you to expand the scope of cooperation in the field of education and medicine.

  1. Continue the research work of subject circles as one of the forms of introducing innovative methods into the educational process and training innovative and communicative specialists.
  2. In connection with the increase in the number of non-communicable socially significant diseases, to intensify the work of medical institutions in rural areas.
  3. To accentuate the research work of students on reducing the level of non-communicable diseases and the formation of a healthy lifestyle, to introduce more widely the development of innovative technologies for the prevention and treatment of behavioral risk factors.
  4. The use of projective techniques in the professional adaptation of medical college students.
  5. Formation of motivation to study among medical students using information and communication technologies.
  6. Intensification of activities for the prevention and monitoring of major socially significant noncommunicable diseases (NCDs).
  7. Strengthening personal health based on rationalization of nutrition, regular exercise and sports.
  8. Ensuring constant access to drinking water, reducing air, water and soil pollution, reducing noise levels taking into account monitoring data, their impact on the state of morbidity in the population.
  9. 29.04.2013

    The methodological office of the college and the council of subject circles organized an international scientific and practical conference “The future of Kazakhstani medicine in the union of science and practice” on-line.



Expert committee of the conference: Rakhimova G.T. – Head of the regional center for healthy lifestyle, Kuanyshov B.K. – specialist of the Zhambyl regional environmental department, Andakulova K.T. – College teacher, member of the educational and methodological association of pharmacy.

The conference was attended by the director of the Talas Medical College of the Kyrgyz Republic G.A. Bayysova, Deputy Director for Academic Affairs D. Zh. Zhumanova, student AD-43 Nurbekova. Representatives of the Zhambyl, Republican, Kokshetau, Turkestan, Zhetisaysky, Shymkent, Kyzylordinsky, Ekibastuz, Arkalyk medical colleges of the Republic of Kazakhstan presented their scientific projects, exchanged views.


The conference participants from the Kyrgyz Republic were awarded letters of thanks and a tour of the college was organized.


On May 23, 2008, on the basis of the Zhambyl Higher Medical College, an international seminar was held on the topic: “Innovative technologies – a key approach to improving the quality of education”, where representatives of medical educational institutions of friendly countries of Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan shared their experience in improving the quality of education.

Colleagues of the medical college in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, Talas Kyrgyzstan, Zhambyl higher medical college, Talgar, Taldykorgan, Shymkent, Turkestan, Zhetisay medical colleges took part in the work of the international seminar.

The main objectives of the international seminar: exchange of experience in the use of innovative technologies in the management of the educational process, as well as non-standard teaching methods and methods of increasing the effectiveness of learning, the role of the teacher in improving the quality of education, the use of electronic didactic tools in the classroom and in extracurricular activities.

The program of the international seminar included speeches by the director of the Zhambyl Higher Medical College, Ph.D. Konyrova SK, director of Talas medical school in Talas, Ashirbaeva GM, deputy. Director of the Zhambyl Higher Medical College Zhaisanova G.M., Director of the 1st Republican Medical College in Tashkent, Ziyaeva M.F. and others.