Intellectual game ” Brain Ring”

The intellectual game “Brain Ring” was held”

🖇 The youth wing of “Jas Otan” organized the intellectual game “Brain Ring”.

The goal is to increase the interest in knowledge and increase the activity in reading books among young people.

Active youth of the city and working youth were involved in the final events, which were selected by drawing lots in 4 groups.

🔊 The game consisted of 4 stages. Stage 1 – “Baiga”. At this stage, logical questions were asked. Stage 2 – “Polyglot”, in this section you need to find a continuation of the proverb and tell it in three languages. Stage 3 – “Faces”, this stage displays images of famous personalities and stage 4 – “Oilan tap”. In the final part, a special task is given, the solution of which must be found.

️ ️ According to the decision of the last tournament, Zhambyl Higher Medical College represented

“Youth of Medical faculty” took the place.

The winning teams received a special award list and the brand name “Jas Otan”. Congratulations to the winners from the bottom of our hearts.