Independence-the pedestal of the country

The independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2021 marks 30 years. Over the years, Kazakhstan has become an independent secular country. In turn, the president of the country, the nationality and nationality, traditions and customs, culture and economy of the country were among the most developed countries. And there are citizens who worked for the further development of the new republic. Representatives of such citizens:
  1. Murat Berdaliev-doctor of the highest category, president of the branch of “National Medical Association” in Zhambyl region, deputy of the Nur Otan, holder of the badge ” Altyn Dariger;
⚜2. Ecet Dosaly Zhanabaevich a member of the Union of journalists of Kazakhstan, Senior youth correspondent of the newspaper “Ak Zhol”, the poet aytysker; 3. Abdel Abdukarim Abdukhamitovich – head of the archive of Zhambyl New Phosphorous Plant LLP, a young deputy of the Taraz city Maslikhat, on 29.01.2021 held an online meeting with college students on the topic ” Independence-the pedestal of the country”.