The Anti-Corruption Agency held another online “Hour of Honesty” with a three-time world champion in mixed martial arts, professional athlete Ardak Nazarov.

The main character of the video lecture began his career in 1991, when he moved to the Greco-Roman wrestling section.

During his career, A. Nazarov won regional, regional and republican competitions in Greco-Roman wrestling, jiu-jitsu and pankration, achieved high results and became the winner of many sports competitions, raising the flag of Kazakhstan.

During the conversation, the famous athlete shared his thoughts on family values, unity and mutual respect, and also called on young people to patriotism and wisdom.

In his speech, he said: “A wise person is a person who is mature, able to make the right decisions and who has achieved an example of spiritually developed wisdom.”

  1. Nazarov stressed the need to increase the interest of young people in reading and self-development.

He explains all his victories and accomplishments by hard work, saying, “While other athletes trained 3 times a week, I trained 13 times, and when they spent two hours training in the morning, I worked twice as hard.”

Today the world champion is an example for many. At each meeting, he encourages young people to work hard to achieve their goals, respect the elderly, love the Motherland and lead a healthy lifestyle.

As part of the “Hour of Fidelity” campaign, work will continue to promote the ideology of rationality among young people with the involvement of celebrities from Kazakhstan.