Final Report of the School of Young Specialists “Ұстаздық еткен жалықпас”

29.05.2019  5- meeting

Тhe aim of the party: еncouraging and motivating young teachers to take full responsibility for their professionalism, culture, professionalism by testing their skills and expertise in their profession, and summarizing the results of the annual work of the School of  Young Professionals

The process of the Party:

  1. Organizational period.

1.2. Game: ‘Selecting A Letter.’
1.3. Calculation methodical work  in 2018-2019 academic year

  1. Work with Young teachers

2.1. Creating a lesson plan on a specific theme
2.2. Answering urgent questions
III. Teachers’ report
2.1. Exhibition . (Exhibition of methodological works of the teacher)
2.2. Introduction
2.3. Calculation of the work done to the top group.

  1. The results of the work done by young specialists in the 2018-2019 academic year.

(methodologies analysis)
4.1 Congratulations.
4.2.Song: “Ұстазым”
The final Рarty was conducted by the methodologist of the College L.K. Bataeva. The methodologist focused on the method of conducting the evening: business game, brainstorming, group decision making, trainings, individual consultation, sharing experiences, question-answer. The event was opened by the head of methodical сabinet Zh.B.Imanbekova, who wished good luck to young  theachers. The Party started with a great game ‘‘Selecting A Letter.’’                          Then young specialists performed the second task in the form of racing: writing a lesson plan on the topic and answering a question on individual specialties. The questionnaire was conducted in order to check the level of knowledge, professional qualifications and skills of a participant.                       .     Methodologist L.K.Bataeva gave a report on the work of the methodical school in the academic year. The Party ended with the song “Ұстазым”.                                             .