Research work

On 14.02.2018, as part of the celebration of the 20th anniversary of Astana, the head of the circle organized an exhibition of the circle on the theme: “Tauelsizdik tiregi-Astana”. Chairman of the Council for group work: Altynbekova Zh. R.



Results of the scientific and practical conference

08.06. In 2017, the conference hall of the Zhambyl medical College hosted the final scientific and practical conference on the theme: “Strengthening public health-a factor of sustainable socio-economic development of the state”.






  1. Deepening knowledge of the chosen specialty, forming students ‘ search skills.
  2. Developing students ‘ creative thinking,

consolidation of theoretical and practical knowledge.

  1. Development of analytical, predictive, and communication skills in College students.
  2. To sum up the results of the research work of the subject groups of the Zhambyl medical College, which were held in the 2016-2017 academic year.

Conducted as part of the expert Commission:

Commission chairman:

  1. Kuanyshbekova L. T.-Deputy Director for educational work of Zhambyl medical College.

Commission member:

2.Andakulova G. T.-Deputy Director for educational and practical work of Zhambyl medical College.

3.Imanbekova G. B.-head of the methodological office of Zhambyl medical College.

  1. Madimarova S. S.-head of the Department “Medical business”.

5.B. A. Kyrykbayeva-Chairman of the trade Union organization of students of Zhambyl medical College.

Participants of the final scientific and practical conference with members of the expert Commission took an active part.

The leaders of the extracurricular club were awarded certificates:

  1. For active participation in the work of the circle “Galileo” – the head of the circle K. O. Chinasilova.
  2. For active participation in the work of the circle “Young ecologist” – the head of the circle A.D. Baigazieva
  3. For active participation in the work of the Avicenna circle – head of the circle Nazar D. K.
  4. I place-Serik Yerkebulan student of 305 group “Medical business”. Head of the circle “Young ecologist” A.D. Baigazieva
  5. II place-Esirkepova M. M. student of the 101 group “Nursing”. Head of club “Scenes biologist” Asilbekova R. A.
  6. THIRD place – Toibek Bagila student 202 of the group “Medical care”. Head of the Avicenna circle Nazar D. K.
  7. Nomination “Young researcher” – Zhaksybek Aliya student 210 of the group “Nursing”. Head of the circle “Galileo” Chinasilova K. O.
  8. Nomination “Young scientist” – student Shimyrbek N. 109 of the group “Nursing”. Head of club “Young chemist” she graduated from S. S.
  9. “For creative approach” – Aubakir Lyazzat student of 229 group “Nursing”. The head of the circle “Adal zhandar” A. S. Permanova.
  10. “For creative approach” – Gulzhan Iklasova, student of 321 group “Nursing”. Head of club “Shipager” A. K. Serkebayeva.

Chairman of the Council for group work: Zhanna Altynbekova

Education-higher, medical.

She has been working at Zhambyl medical College since 1996.


Since the beginning of the 2015-2016 academic year, 18 subject groups have been involved in Zhambyl medical College.

List of subject groups of Zhambyl medical College:

№1. name of the mug. Head of the mug. Subject

  1. “Pediatrics” Janibekova S. V. Children’s disease

2.”Avicenna” Kuznetsova, L. M. The Anatomy

  1. “Altyn Kursak” Obstetrics and gynecology
  2. “Infectionist” Saparova I. V. Infectious diseases
  3. “Flora” Firsenko E. L. Pharmacognosy

6.”Adal zhandar “, P Paarmanova Fundamentals of nursing

7.Acetaia R. A. The” Eureka ” Math

8.”Scalpel” Dauletova S. M. Surgery

9.”Shipager” Serkebayeva S. K. Pharmacology

10.”World of microbes” Altynbekova G. R. Microbiology

11.”Young chemist” moldabaeva M. S. Chemistry

12.”Interesting grammar” Moldagulova G. A. Russian language

13.”Balausa” S. A. Saparbayev Professional Kazakh language

14.”English in action” by K.A. Toylanbayeva Foreign language

15.”applicant biologist” S. Kobegenova Biology

16.”Galileo” Kerimbaeva B. T. Informatics

17.”Young ecologist” Baigazieva S. D. Ecology

18.”Reflex” Aidralieva A. B. Physiology

1080 full-time students participate in circles, the number of students in each circle-60, the percentage of student coverage-54.7 %.

Topic: “Formation of a healthy lifestyle and prevention of cardiovascular diseases among students of Zhambyl medical College”. The work of extracurricular club on this topic is planned for 2 years.

All extracurricular club leaders work with the approved plans and rules of the circle. Meetings of the circle are held twice a month. At each meeting of the circle, presentations and conversations are used to promote the work on forming a healthy lifestyle in the form of a summary message. On 27.11.2015, with the participation of members of the Shipager group on pharmacology, an open meeting of the group was held on the topic: “Medicines used for cardiovascular diseases and myocardial infarctions, angina”. Director: K. A. Serkebayeva

Chairman of the Council for Circle Work: Altynbekova Z.R.

Education: the highest, medical.

At Zhambyl Medical College she has been working since 1996.

Since the beginning of the 2015-2016 academic year, Zhambyl Medical College has operated 18 subject circles.

List of circles of Zhambyl Medical College:

Name of mug Head of mug Head of a circle
1. “Pediatrics” Dzhunisbekova S. Sh.
2. «Avicenna» Kuznetsova L.M.
3. «Altyn kyrsak» Abduanova Zh.A.
4. “Infectiologist” Saparova I.Sh.
5. «Flora» Firsenko E.L.
6. «Adal zhandar» Parmanova A.T.
7. “Eureka” Aketayeva Zh.A.
8. “Scalpel” Dauletov A.M.
9. «Shipager» Serkebayeva A.K.
10. «Microbtar Alemy» Altynbekova Zh. R.
11. «Zhas himik» Moldabayeva M.S.
12. “Entertaining grammar” Moldakulova G.A.
13. «Balausa» Saparbayeva A.A.
14. «Еnglish in action» Toylanbayeva K.A.
15. «Izdenushi biolog» Kobegenova A.T
16. «Galileo» Kerimbayeva B.T.
17. «Zhas эkolog » Kerimbayeva B.T.
18. “Reflex” Aydraliyeva A. B.

The number of students of the day department attending subject circles -1080, the average number of students in circles – 60, the percentage of coverage of circle work – 54.7%.

The topic of round work in 2015-2016 academic year “Healthy lifestyle and prevention of cardiovascular diseases among students of Zhambyl Medical College” (the second year of work).

The work of the subject circles is conducted under the guidance of the Circle Work Council on the approved annual work plan for the circle work. Council meetings are held monthly on Thursday of the first week. The attention of the heads of the circles is focused on the activation of scientific work of students, the teaching of research skills: the ability to identify a problem, the setting of a goal, the tasks of the hypothesis of research, the ability to work with literary sources. All leaders hold various meetings of circles, pay attention to training of circles in skills of competent design of their research.

27.11.2015 with participation of members of the “Shipager” circle in the subject “Pharmacology” the public kruzhkovy meeting on a subject was held: “Zhurek- kan тamyr aurulary”. Head of the circle: Serkebayeva A.K.