Labor union og the college

Muratalieva Nurzhamal Mukhtarovna-Chairman of the trade Union organization of Zhambyl higher medical College.

Higher education.

She graduated from Taraz state University. M. H. Dulati, majoring in “Teacher of mathematics”.

Teaching experience of 18 years, I category.

Since 2004, she has been working at the Zhambyl medical College.

From 2004 to 2009 , she was a mathematics teacher and Chairman of the Board of curators.

From 2009 to 2014, she worked as a Methodist at the College.

2014-2015 academic year-head of the methodological office.

Since 2018 – head of the Department for monitoring and quality of education and since 2019-Chairman of the trade Union organization.

In 2008, she was awarded the certificate of Merit of the Zhambyl medical College “excellent use of information technologies” in the competition “Best teacher-2008”.

For active participation and work done in holding regular elections of deputies of maslikhats of the Republic of Kazakhstan and regional, district maslikhats, she was awarded a diploma of the College and an Honorary diploma of the Zhambyl medical College for fruitful work in educating young people in connection with the celebration of the day of the medical worker.

In 2011, she was awarded an Honorary diploma for her active participation in the implementation of the program goals and objectives of the people’s Democratic party “Nur Otan”, in the political life of the city.

She was awarded a letter of Thanks for her contribution to the formation and development of the Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the education of the young generation and active participation in public events.

In 2013, at the regional August meeting on the topic: “Priority goals of teaching mathematics in accordance with the requirements of the state compulsory standard of education and ways to implement it”, she received a Certificate for active participation in the sectional meeting of mathematics teachers.

In 2017, in honor of the 25th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan, within the framework of the project “Mangilik Eldin martebeli mugalimi”, she was awarded a diploma and a medal “Mangilik Eldin martebeli mugalimi” for a high level of pedagogical skill.

In 2019, for a significant contribution to the development of health care in the region and in honor of the day of the medical worker, she was awarded an Honorary diploma.

Membership in professional organizations

Membership in the organization is based on the Charter of the trade Union of health workers of the Republic of Kazakhstan and is voluntary and individual. Admission to the trade Union is made on the personal application of the entrant. The decision on the admission into the Union was adopted when the number of members of the Union at least 30 people-at the meeting of the primary organization, the number of Union members more than 30 people-at a meeting of the trade Union , the trade Union Committee , with subsequent information meeting(conference) of the primary organization. A trade Union ticket of the established type is issued to a person who is accepted as a member of a trade Union.

Members of the trade Union are registered in the primary organization at the place of their main work or study. The registration card of a Trade Union member has the same number as the trade Union ticket and is the main document for recording the composition of a trade Union organization.

Union membership is calculated from the date of decision of the meeting of the primary organization of, meetings of the trade Union, the trade Union and taken into account when using the benefits provided by the Union.

The trade Union experience and membership of the primary organization is maintained if membership fees are paid on time for:

* members of a trade Union who have stopped working due to retirement due to age and disability;

* temporarily lost their jobs due to staff reduction, closure of an institution, organization, or enterprise.

Main activities and tasks of the trade Union organization

The primary organization, taking into account the economic situation of the institution, enterprise and the interests of trade Union members, determines priority areas for all activities, focusing mainly on labor and other socio-economic issues related to labor, legal protection of trade Union members, providing them with additional benefits and guarantees in comparison with legislation, collective agreements and agreements, more complete satisfaction of their spiritual needs, improving organizational work and strengthening their financial base.

The primary organization sees its main task in strengthening the stability of the economic situation of the institution, preserving the composition of the team and jobs, using the opportunities of the enterprise and the institution to maintain the growth of wages of employees.

The primary organization participates in the development of normative documents related to the regulation of labor, economic, and social relations in the institution at the enterprise.

The primary organization, in the interests of trade Union members, takes the initiative to conduct collective negotiations and conclude a collection agreement at the enterprise or institution.