Director’s Deputies

Kuanyshbekova Lyzat Turarovna –  Deputy Director, educational work

Graduated from Zhambyl Pedagogical Institute, Faculty of Philology.

From 1994 to 1999 – teacher of Russian language and literature in the village of B.Momyshuli secondary school № 2.

From 1999 to 2000 – teacher of Russian language and literature in secondary school № 23 named after K.D.Ushinskogo.

From 2000 to 2009 – Deputy Director of Educational and Educational Work.

From 2009 to 2011 – Chairman of the Student Trade Union Committee of Zhambyl Medical College.

From 2011 to 2012 – Deputy Director of Educational Work.

Since 2012 she has been appointed Deputy Director of Educational and Educational Work.

Teacher of the highest category.


The diploma “Ulagatty ystaz”, the Certificate of honor of the Jambyl regional organization of labor union of educators, the letter of thanks of Department Health care of the Zhambyl Region, the letter of thanks of DHC of the Zhambyl Region, letters of thanks People’s Democratic Party “Nur Otan” and “Zhas Otan”, Certificates of honor of the director of the Jambyl medical college, the Medal “Ayryksha Zhetystikter” on National business to rating, the Medal «Mangilic eldin martebeli mygalimi»

Это изображение имеет пустой атрибут alt; его имя файла - IMG_5310-scaled.jpgAndakulova Kuralay Tleulesovna – Deputy Director for training and production work.

In 1996, she graduated from the Pharmaceutical faculty of the Shymkent State Medical Institute. In 2011, she graduated from the ZHTU with a degree in Psychology and Pedagogy.

In 2018, she studied at the Taraz State University named after M. H. Dulati, majoring in Psychology and Pedagogy, and received a Master’s degree in Social Education.

She has been working at the Zhambyl Medical College since 2001.

2001-2004-teacher of pharmaceutical disciplines.

2004-2010 Chairman of the general professional CMC No. 2, Secretary of the attestation commission.

2010-2015-Head of the department “Medical business”, “Pharmacy”.

Since 2015, Deputy Director for Educational and Production Work.

Teacher of pharmaceutical disciplines of the lubricant category.

For significant contribution to education Andagulova Kuralay Tleulesovna awarded a special badge of the project ” Мәңгілік елдің құрметті мұғалімі “, organized by the Republican journal ” Білім шыңы – Ғылым сыры “, dedicated to the 25th anniversary of independence of Kazakhstan.

  1. T. Andakulova was awarded the badge “Altyn Dariger” by the National Medical Association for outstanding services in preserving the life and health of the Hulk of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In 2019, for conscientious performance of her duties, labor achievements and assistance to the development of the enterprise, she was awarded the badge of the organizing committee of the national business rating of the Republic of Kazakhstan “For Merits and Achievements”.