6.09.2019 a meeting of young specialists: “Professional adaptation of young specialists

1.1. Providing diagnostic research in the organization of concrete concepts of young professionals.

Responsible: Bataeva L.K.

1.2. Acquaintance with young teachers, newly arrived teachers and teachers-mentors. Professional adaptation of a young teacher to the workplace. Requirements for the teacher.

1.3. Familiarization with the regulations and regulatory documents of the college. Qualification requirements for teachers. Responsible: Bataeva L.K.

1.4. Workshop “How will we prepare a modern lesson in the context of updating the content of education?”

a) Rules for the preparation of calendar plans and work programs.
b) An example of writing a lesson plan. The triune didactic goal of the lesson. Responsible: Zh.B. Imanbekova

e) Recommendations about educational magazines of groups. Responsible: G.L. Shuzheeva.

c) Acquaintance with credit technology of training. Responsible: Batayeva L.