23.11.2018 Тheme: “Psychological and pedagogical culture of the teacher in the context of updating the content of education”

On the agenda:

2.1. Pedagogical ethics, rhetoric, culture of behavior. Responsible: Uskenbaeva AN

2.2 Exchange of views on the issues faced by professionals

2.3. The process of conducting educational work in the college. Responsible: Head of educational work: Meirmanova L.H.

2.4 “My favorite teacher” from the mentor’s experience:

Practical training “Methods of preparation of educational and methodical complexes on anatomy, physiology”. Aidralieva A.B

2.5. Acquaintance with the rules of educational and methodical complex. Responsible: Bataeva L.K

2.6. “Do we really value student knowledge?” Current control, interim and final assessment of learning progress. Responsible: methodologist of college Bataeva LK.

The seminar was conducted by the methodologist of the College L.K. Bataeva, the trainings were conducted by psychologists, presentations were given to young specialists, exchange of opinions and current assessment, interim and final evaluation of the academic progress. College Methodologist LK Bataeva acquainted with the rules of educational and methodical complex, experienced teacher A.B. Aydralieva shared her experience in a ponaromatic way. The seminar was held at a very good level.