College achievements

MSE “Zhambyl Medical College” was awarded a national certificate in the nomination “Growth rate” and the title “Leader of the Year – 2018”

15.06.2018 Akim of Zhambyl region Myrzakhmetov A. for a significant contribution to healthcare and on the Day of the Medical Worker awarded the director of the Zhambyl Higher Medical College Sarybekova Zh.N. Certificate of honor

The college, according to the results of the ranking, based on information on the payment of taxes and other obligatory payments to the budget, took 1st place among 100 colleges in the Republic of Kazakhstan in the “Gold rating”, according to the “Exemplary taxpayer” indicator. Among the enterprises of the leaders of the Zhambyl region according to the national financial and economic ranking of enterprises according to the indicator “Contribution to the state budget” they took the 1st place in the rating. Outcome of institutional and specialized college accreditations.

Winner of the National Certificate “Leader of the Education Sector 2015” for outstanding achievements in the field of education and for a significant contribution to the development of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

  • The college was awarded the Diploma of the participant of the international encyclopedia “The best in education” for high professional skills and selfless work for the good of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The college took 7th place in the national rating of the best medical colleges in Kazakhstan-2016 and has a Certificate.

Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences – 1

Excellence in healthcare – 7

The college is a member of the educational and methodological association “Union of Medical Colleges of the Republic of Kazakhstan” in the specialties “Pharmacy”, ” Medical care”, “Nursing”.

The certificate of conformity KZo01.0858RCC No. 0029665 certifies that the quality management system of educational activities in the field of secondary vocational education, improvement and retraining of secondary medical and pharmaceutical workers, complies with the requirements of ST RK ISO 9001-2009 Quality Management System.

The public utility company “Zhambyl Medical College” passed the last state certification in April 2014.